Designing you DMZ network for OCS 2007

June 29, 2008 at 2:43 PM2102

What is the right/recommended design of our DMZ (perimeter) network for OCS 2007 Edge implementation? This is usually quite common question whenever I have conversation with someone that is in the phase of designing/implementing their OCS 2007 infrastructure.

Microsoft just released new whitepaper. Happy reading! ;-)

Designing Your Perimeter Network for Office Communications Server 2007 White Paper

Brief Description
This paper answers questions about Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 with specific regard to its integration into the perimeter network (also known as DMZ, demilitarized zone, or screened subnet).

The first section, “Commonly Asked Questions,” answers key design questions from customers about the initial stages of product deployment.

The second section, “Architecture and Networking Best Practices,” explores ways to prepare for the edge servers in the perimeter network, taking into consideration issues of physical deployment, ways to ensure a publicly routable IP address, firewall configuration, and load-balancing concerns.