Windows Vista Self-Guided Tour

September 2, 2005 at 10:00 AM2102

I finally had some time to play with Vista. It`s really sexy looking with dumb proof install (personally I don`t like installer) and other nice new features and of course some things I hate about it. But I will post this later...

So here is a cool article/guide to become familiar with Vista:

This document is a high-level user's guide for information technology (IT) professionals who are building and deploying desktops by using the Beta 1 release of Microsoft Windows Vista delivered as part of the Beta 1 program. It is not intended to be a detailed process-oriented guide but rather a high-level introduction to some of the new features and capabilities of the next release of Windows. For more detailed information about this release, see the release notes in the Readme.htm file in the root directory of the Windows Vista DVD.

The Windows Vista operating system is designed to help users become confident in using their PC, help them find creative ways to easily find information they need to do their work, and make them better connected to systems, information, and people. For IT professionals, Windows Vista will be the easiest Windows ever to deploy, secure, and manage.

With Windows Vista, Microsoft is making significant investments in the areas of security, deployment, and desktop management.

Read the rest of article/guide here.

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