POW #14 – Uninstall Exchange Server 2007 CCR

April 14, 2010 at 12:46 PM2102

Sooner or later you will migrate yourself to Exchange Server 2010 and will find yourself in need to uninstall Exchange Server 2007 CCR… ;)

Before beginning with uninstall procedure make sure that you moved everything away to new servers (Mailboxes, OAB generation,…)!

Uninstall Exchange Server 2007 from Pasive node

  • Login to pasive node and check whether Exchange CMS is located on active node with Get-ClusteredMailboxServerStatus cmdlet from Exchange Management Shell.
  • Open a Command Prompt window and change path to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin.
  • Run Setup /mode:uninstall

Evict pasive node from Windows Cluster

  • Open a Command Prompt window.
  • Stop the Cluster service by running following command

    net stop clussvc
  • After the Cluster service has been stopped, evict the node by running the following command: Cluster <ClusterName> node <NodeName> /evict.

    Cluster CN-WC01 node CN-CCR02 /evict


Remove CMS from Active Node and uninstall Mailbox role

  • Login to active node and run command prompt
  • Change path to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin (this is default location)
  • Run: Setup.com /mode:uninstall /removeCMS /CMSName:CN-EC01


The last step is to Destroy Windows Cluster (Right click on the cluster name then choose More Actions > Destroy Cluster in Windows Server 2008 or follow KB282227 for Windows Server 2003). :)

KB282227 - How to uninstall the Cluster service on a Windows Server 2003 cluster

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