POW #12 – Exchange Server 2007 SP2 (Part 2)

January 25, 2010 at 2:43 PM2102


This is the second part of upgrading procedure for Exchange Server 2007 SP2. In the fist part we looked into necessary steps for getting Windows ready and Active Directory ready for Exchange Server 2007 SP2.


Installation order

There is nothing specific in the installation order of Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2. You should stick with standard installation order for Exchange Server 2007:

  1. Upgrade all Client Access Servers
  2. Upgrade all HUB Transport Servers
  3. Upgrade all EDGE Transport Servers (can be upgraded later but not before HUB Transport Servers)
  4. Upgrade all Mailbox Servers
  5. Upgrade all Unified Messaging Servers

In multi site environment upgrade site by site in the above order (not for example all Client Access Server across multiple sites! and than next role). Upgrade internet facing site(s) first.

Non-Clustered Exchange Servers

Before proceeding with SP2 installation make sure that any 3rd party application is compatible with SP2 (for example: antivirus software, backup software, archive software,…) and upgrade them if necessary.

Run setup.exe from location with extracted SP1 files.


If you know what you are doing, then click Install, otherwise PLEASE click Plan and read about Service Pack 2. After clicking on Install you receive window describing new features in SP1.


Click Next and accept License Agreement. If all prerequisites are OK you can click Upgrade. Otherwise read carefully and resolve issues.


Note: although screenshots are taken from installation on Edge server all steps are the same if you are installing it on non-clustered servers.

Review installation steps and click Finish, if everything is OK. If there are errors or warnings, review and resolve them.

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