Importance of good backups

January 26, 2008 at 11:04 AM2102

Almost every time I'm discussing with someone (individuals, students,...) about importance of good backups, disaster recovery procedures and of course tested procedures for disaster recovery (make sure that you actually test your backups, disaster recovery procedures on regular basis) I ask a question: "If your location goes down because of natural disaster, fire,..., are you able to rebuild your whole location or infrastructure (in the case of single location) from offsite backups?"

Answers are:

  • Eventually, I guess
  • We don't have offsite backups
  • Probably, we have disaster recovery procedure but we never tested it
  • In some rare cases I actually hear that there are good disaster recovery procedures in place which is actually tested! (offsite backups, procedures for restoring every server, testing DR procedure on regular basis)

I'm really worried about that just to many people don't take backups seriously enough until it's to late. In most cases disaster recovery goes like Dilbert's one.


As a regular reader of Internet Storm Center I came across a must read link The Tao Of Backup! :)

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