Today is the last time I used Nero

August 3, 2007 at 1:26 PM2102

I was Nero user for a long time. Today I tried Nero 7 and uninstall it almost immediately. Why? OK I deselected everything except Nero Burning Rom. Everything went fine except it takes ages to install. Next annoying thing was when I opened Internet Explorer. WTF? Nero installed Ask Toolbar although I deselected everything except Nero Burning Rom and during setup there was no prompt that it will install Ask Toolbar. For me this is for sure NOT acceptable.

One more funny thing from Nero website:

4. Why is the Ask Toolbar offered by default?

Nero is sure that its users will enjoy and benefit from such a great value-added bonus. The Ask Toolbar makes searching the web easier and even includes links to Nero’s web pages, which always have useful information and tutorials for Nero users.

Yea right. Nero is for sure as hole for thinking that. The bottom line was that I uninstalled this crappy software. I will give a try to some free alternatives. I only need it occasionally for Audio CD or Image burning. Data burning is OK under Windows Vista.

David Vidmar published a great post about free CD/DVD burning alternatives.

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