I finally received my D-Link wireless access point! ;-)

July 18, 2004 at 12:47 PM2102

Yesterday (at 11 PM ;-)) I finally received my brand new D-Link 2100AP wireless access point (AP). In spite of late hour I just had to set this thing up ;-). At first I assembled it, turned it on and configured it over wired LAN connection. I wanted to secure my WLAN immediately, especially because I live in a building with 132 apartments ;). I permitted SSID broadcast but I turned on WPA and configured RADIUS authentication for Windows Domain users for use of certificates to authenticate! Well… job done.
During the installation and configuration AP, RADIUS and WLAN Client I had just one problem. Everything started with Windows XP SP2 build 2162 which broke my Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN card drivers! Reinstallation solved the problem (later I tried to repeat this step with reinstalling the SP2 build 2162 and problem occurred again; anyone else with this problem?). Installation of my user certificate on notebook and authentication with AP (RADIUS authentication turned on) was successful ;-)

Now let`s have some fun…

I first tried the range of WLAN in apartment and the signal strength was good all the time (4 rooms away from AP). It also works OK (low signal but it was working) at my neighbour`s apartment (20m away with 6 walls between).

I only get 54Mbps of transfer speed because of Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN card. At the first opportunity I would like to try it with DWL-G650 PCMCIA card and post some results. I also want to try the range with the new D-Link Omni-Directional ANT24-0400 antenna.

If there would be some interest in setting up AP, RADIUS, Certificate authentication and SNMP AP management I will blog it later…

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